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photo: Emily

Style: L155/10/003


Quality by Swarowski

Spectra Swarovski Crystal logoWith this certificate the manufacturer and retailer guarantees that the crystal on this product is 100% SPECTRA Swarowski Crystal. Swarowski and SPECTRA are registered trademark of Swarowski AG. Swarowski is the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal.

Classic Bohemian Chandeliers

For over 250 years they have been truly representative of the creative abilities, originality and traditional skill of the master artisan craftsmen working with glass.

Historically the manufacture of crystal chandeliers in Bohemia is documented throughout the last 250 years. It is based on a rich tradition of glass and crystal making, working, designing and finishing which began to develop more than 500 years ago in the territory of the former Kingdom of Bohemia.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the glassmakers of North Bohemia were already manufacturing a glass mass, which in finish closely resembled natural crystal. It was equally hard but exceedingly clear, permitting the penetration and refraction of light. This was “BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL” as later historians named it, and still is a perfect material, which when cast as small glass pieces then cut and hand polished with many side facets becomes crystal trimmings, enhancing the glow of light on candlesticks, wall fixtures and chandeliers.

Nowadays, exclusive Classic Bohemia Chandeliers, in any of their styles, forms and sizes, are ready to satisfy also all the needs and requirements of modern, classical or traditional architectural requirements.

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photo: Anna

Style: L501/18/370 GD/ red

Audrey L 855/06/009 Gold

photo: Audrey L 855/06/009 Gold

Style: Classic

Audrey L 855/06/009 CH

photo: Audrey L 855/06/009 CH

Style: Classic


photo: Ava

Style: L150/18/002


photo: Barcelona

Style: L195/12/002


photo: Elise

Style: L110/12/400


photo: Emily

Style: L155/10/003


photo: Erica

Style: L500/12/370 GD/ red

Flora L 141/12/600 Chrome

photo: Flora L 141/12/600 Chrome

Style: Classic

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