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photo: Xandra

Style: L190/12/002


Quality by Swarowski

Spectra Swarovski Crystal logoWith this certificate the manufacturer and retailer guarantees that the crystal on this product is 100% SPECTRA Swarowski Crystal. Swarowski and SPECTRA are registered trademark of Swarowski AG. Swarowski is the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal.

Luxury and Exclusive chandeliers

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photo: Miranda

Style: L141/18/002


photo: Hilary

Style: L160/18/002

The Princess green

photo: The Princess green

Style: L500/06/350

Nadia white

photo: Nadia white

Style: L500/08/310

The Windsor red

photo: The Windsor red

Style: L500/10/370

Erica red

photo: Erica red

Style: L500/12/370

Jana blue

photo: Jana blue

Style: L500/30/330

The Countess green

photo: The Countess green

Style: L501/03/350

Katherine red

photo: Katherine red

Style: L501/05/330

Her Majesty

photo: Her Majesty

Style: L501/06/330

Bella Merci red

photo: Bella Merci red

Style: L501/10/370

La Doncella white

photo: La Doncella white

Style: L501/12/310

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